Orthodontic Specialty Program

CTOR in collaboration with Stevens Institute of Technology now offers 3 different programs:

1-Certificate in Orthodontics - 3-year program

2-Certificate in Orthodontics plus MS in Bioengineering - 4-year program

3-Certificate in Orthodontics plus PhD in Biomedical Engineering or Biomedical Sciences - 5 -year program

Our unique programs are founded on the belief that Orthodontists should be major contributors to the advancement of our profession. As a CTOR Academy student you will learn:

·to use the most advanced techniques in Orthodontics

·how to incorporate a deep understanding of biology and engineering into your Orthodontics diagnosis and treatment planning.

·how to navigate the innovation-to-implementation pipeline as clinician/scientist and future leaders in the field of Orthodontics.

For more information and to apply to this program, visit CTOR Academy