Second Symposium on Translational Orthodontic Research

October 25, 2015 - CTOR's Second Symposium on Translational Orthodontic Research was hosted on October 23rd 2015 at the Apella, the Event Space at Alexandria Center in New York City under the theme "Craniofacial Form and Function: Integrating Translational Science to Revolutionize Treatment".

The symposium brought together scientists, clinicians, faculties and students from around the world to share their knowledge in translational research and discuss how findings will impact our orthodontic practices and lead to improved therapies for our patients.

The symposium was an enormous success with an all-day program of remarkable oral presentations, panel discussions, and posters in translational research, followed by an evening reception.

CTOR would like to appreciate all the participants, attendees, organizers and event sponsors for making this event successful.

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Genetics of the Human Face
Manfred Kayser, PhD

What Can Virtual Functional Simulation Tell Us About Craniofacial Form and Function?
Paul O’Higgins, PhD

Facetime Reconstructed: An Evolutionary History of Human Facial Growth and Development
Timothy Bromage, PhD

Biphasic Theory : From Sutural Expansion to Cortical Drift
Mani Alikhani, DMD, MS, PhD

The Benefit of Surgery, The Drawback of Scars
Anne Marie Kuijpers-Jagtman, DDS, PhD

Can Gene Therapy Affect Craniofacial Form?
Cristina Teixeira, DMD, MS, PhD

Have TADs Changed the Role of Orthodontists in the Rehabilitation of Degenerated Dentitions?
Birte Melsen, DDS, DOrthod

Why Teeth Move?
Jill Helms, DDS, PhD

Can We Restore Normal Occlusal Development Through Early Orthodontic Treatment?
Juha Varrela, DDS, DOrthod

The Death of Senseless Orthodontics
Jeanne Nervina, DMD, PhD


Molecular Events in the Mid-Palatal Suture in Response to Tensile Stresses

Sarah Alansari

Saturation of the Biological Response to Orthodontic Forces and Its Effect on The Rate of Tooth Movement

Mohammed Aljearah

Orthopedic Effect of High Frequency Acceleration On The Mandibular Condyle

Abdullah Almansour

Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment of Enamel for Orthodontic Bracket Bonding

Salem Al-Moammar

Gene Therapy for Condylar Growth

Dana Alyafi

Efficacy of PDL Stem/Progenitor Cell-Seeded Bioscaffolds in Cementogenesis

Michael N. Fogge

Functionally integration of mechanical and biological signals in the periodontal ligament

Lan Huang

Response Of Mid-Palatal Suture To Compressive Stress

Abdulmajeed Kaki

Effect Of Vibration On Alveolar Bone Formation After Tooth Extraction

Jose A Lopez

Therapeutic Effects Of High-Frequency Accelerations (HFA) On Alveolar Bone Density In Osteoporotic Rats

Joo Young Nho

Tooth Eruption Results from Bone Remodeling Driven by Bite Forces Sensed by Soft Tissue Dental Follicles: A Finite Element Analysis

Babak Sarrafpour

Fracture Mode Evaluation After Ceramic Bracket Debonding by Shear Strength Test

Anamaria B. Snellaert Tavares

Effect of Osteo-Microperforations in the Orthopedic Expansion of Maxilla

Chris Teo

Differential Expression of cytokines in Teens and adults in Response to Orthodontic Forces

Thapanee Vongthongleur