Upcoming Events

CTOR Co-Founders, Dr. Mani Alikhani, Professor of Harvard School of Dental Science, Dr. Cristina Teixeira, Professor of NYU College of Orthodontic Department, are frequent speakers at national and international professional conference. Meet them and CTOR representatives at the upcoming events.

American Association of Orthodontics 2018 Annual Session in Washington DC

Dr Cristina Teixeira will be presenting CTOR research project entitled “ Biology of Maxillary Expansion: Implications in our Clinical Practice” at 9:00am on Sunday, May 6 (Room 202 AB).

2018 IADR annual session in London

The Orthodontic Research Group (ORG) is hosting several scientific sessions at the upcoming IADR annual session in London July 25 to the 28, 2018.

Join us this summer!

1. Bone Response to Mechanical Stimulation and Its Therapeutic Application

2. Uses of Bone Anchorage in Orthodontics

3. Malocclusion and Orthodontic Treatment Affect Quality of Life: Facts or Myths?

4. Clinical Application of Micro-Osteoperforations In Orthodontics