Continuing Education

CTOR Academy offers a broad range of on-site and on-line continuing dental education courses to oral health providers with different levels of experience. These include programs for general dentists and dental assistants, dental practice compliance courses and orthodontics courses ranging from basic to advanced skills.


General Dentistry Courses

CTOR Academy offers a well-rounded course catalog in various fields of Dentistry and has expanded the list to include topics that have been requested by General Dentists such as Early Treatment, Oral Medicine, Invisalign Training, and Pre-Restorative Adjunctive Orthodontics.

1-2 hour lectures

  • Oral Mucosal Lesions: Strategies for Diagnosis and Management
  • Pre-Restorative Orthodontic Treatment
  • Diagnostic Challenges in the Dental Office

Registration Fee: $100 for each class

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Practice Compliance Courses

The CTOR Academy offers various courses throughout the year to satisfy quality assurance requirements and practice compliance, including, but not limited to, HIPAA, OSHA, and CPR certification and recertification. For those who find it more suitable to be held at their own private practice, the Academy is able to organize and customize these courses to fit the needs of the individual practice.





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Orthodontic Assistant Training

CTOR Academy offers an Orthodontic Assistant Professional Skills course that will help transition a Dental Assistant into an Orthodontics Assistant. In this program, students will learn how to take excellent orthodontic records, fabricate removable appliances and retainers, deliver bands and change arch wires. Students will also learn to communicate with patients on how to care for their appliances. Students will have access to online modules that will give them an introduction into Orthodontic Assistant basic skills.

Course Duration: Five sessions of 6 hours each and 1 month externship in private practice.

Tuition: $5,000 is due at beginning of course. We offer payment plans.

CE credit: 32 CE credits

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Advanced Orthodontics

If you're an orthodontist and want to learn everything about the latest advances in orthodontics from the very doctors who are moving the specialty forward, we have this selection of courses to offer you so that you may choose the option that best suits your schedule, either a Week-long program during the Fall or Saturday Courses that can be purchased separately.

You will get hands-on training on TADs, accelerated tooth movement procedures, functional appliance adjustment, sectional and complex biomechanic setups for correction of severe Class II and Class III malocclusion.





Fall Program Tuition

  • Orthodontist/Dentist: $4,000 USD
  • Students: $3,000 USD





Saturday Courses

  • Accelerated Orthodontics
  • Review in Basic Mechanics and Mechanotherapy
  • Bone Anchorage: External Plate and TADs
  • Non-Surgical Treatment of Complex Cases
  • Orthopedic treatment in Children and Adults

Full Program Tuition:

  • Orthodontist/Dentist: $4,250 USD
  • Students: $3,000 USD

Individual Saturday Session Fee: $900 USD per course


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Orthodontics Summer Program

CTOR Academy tailored a program for US and International dental students and dentists who are interested in learning the basics of Orthodontics in a US Orthodontics Program while enjoying the local New Jersey and New York City cultures. The Mini-Residency includes a broad range of lectures and hands-on activities, observations in clinic and seminars.

Program Tuition:

  • US $6,500 - Furnished Housing Option (single room)
  • US $6,000 - Furnished Housing Option (shared room)
  • US $5,000 - without Housing Option

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Orthodontic Mechanotherapy Course for Residents

CTOR offers ADA CERP approved lecture series for students enrolled in Orthodontic programs in the Greater New York area. Content is tailored for first and second year residents and guides students from basic biomechanics principles into advanced mechanotherapy concepts including the latest advances in tooth movement, craniofacial growth, and skeletal modification.

Course Duration: Five one-day sessions (9.00 am - 4.00 pm) Saturdays

Tuition: $4,000 due at beginning of program


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