Fellows 2016 - 2017

"CTOR is the perfect place that offers an opportunity to learn, improve, and develop my basic science research foundation. The CTOR lab allowed me to learn from my peers in other professions, such as histology and biomaterials, and also taught me to be a good investigator and a great presenter in both national and international meetings. CTOR offered me a robust experience and inspires me to even further dedicate my life to biological science and helped me determine my future education and career goals."

Pornpan Hiranpradit, ‘17

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Fellows 2015 - 2016

"CTOR bridges the gap between the laboratory science research and the clinical practice. The excitement of engaging in the world-class research and observing the exchange of ideas among eminent orthodontic investigators captivated me. I was very blessed to be a part of CTOR as a fellow, and have the opportunity to participate in the most challenging, yet exciting research projects under the great mentorship of Dr. Alikhani and Dr. Teixeira. In one short year, CTOR became my second home; it enhanced my critical thinking skills, and taught me how to become a passionate researcher and a better evidence-based clinician. CTOR was an exceptional life changing experience that I will always remember throughout my career."

- Parisa Zare, '16

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Fellows 2014 - 2015

"Before I was in CTOR, although I was working with patients in the clinic, I always felt limited in my job. Even though I did not know exactly what it was, when I met Dr. Teixeira and heard about CTOR program, it made my heart beat fast. So, I decided to quit my career in my country and to move the US. After 1 year here, I can confidently say that this experience will change my life as an orthodontist forever and I am not just a technician following a set path, but a pioneer who can bring innovation into orthodontics and by extension into the of future dentistry.
Thank you CTOR for helping me have this life-changing experience."
Joo Young Nho, ‘15

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Fellows 2013 - 2014

"When I read about what CTOR has been doing for the advancement of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, I just wanted to become a Fellow to work in those research projects. CTOR Program has given me the opportunity to learn how to do basic science research and to grow professionally learning from different scientist at NYUCD. The program has also allowed me to meet other scientist at HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery) and Sloan Kettering Cancer center which have been very helpful teaching me different techniques. My first year at CTOR was very enriching which made me think seriously about continuing for one more year to complete the projects I was working on. The program has taught me critical thinking and how to offer better and safer treatments to patients. I am absolutely confident that being at CTOR will help me to become a better clinician. CTOR, an experience I will never regret."
- José Alejandro López Aguirre, '14

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Fellows 2012 - 2013

"CTOR is the home for the most current scientific findings explaining the biological nature of the growth and development the craniofacial complex with impeccable detail and precision. To be a part of this incredible movement has been the most rewarding experience. In one short year, I have developed an extensive understanding of the current knowledge on growth and development, and under the mentorship of Dr. Alikhani, I was able to challenge many of those theories and to develop my own. Working with Dr. Alikhani has been an honor and a privilege. His profound understanding of the craniofacial complex and contagious passion for unraveling the true biological nature of its growth, and how to manipulate that in our benefit has been eye opening experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my career."
- Sarah Alansari, '13

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Fellows 2011 - 2012

"I believe a great clinician is someone who is motivated to learn and solve complex problems. I believe CTOR has helped reinforce these principles and has allowed me to apply these fundamental principles into practice."
- Rachel Kwal, '12

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Fellows 2010 - 2011

"CTOR program enriched my postgraduate education and developed my research skills and critical thinking. By interacting with leading scientists at NYU and affiliated schools around the world, I was able to build a foundation of research skills and ideas that helped me to develop my research projects!"
- Salem Almoamar, '11

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