Industrial R & D

CTOR works with innovative companies and organizations to conduct research projects, share the latest scientific developments and discoveries, and help them launch products in the commercial world. CTOR offers Corporate Memberships in the field of Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology to the interested companies and industries.


Membership includes the following benefits:

- up to 16 hours of consultation with one or more CTOR staff scientists
- Preferred scheduling for animal studies and clinical trials
- Advance disclosure of studies before publication with an equal right by members to bid on any new technology
- Attendance at CTOR Symposium to present new research directions and latest advances and results of collaborations in the field
- Biannual newsletter with summaries of interesting research and changes in academic orthodontics
- Access to CTOR CE program in orthodontics that systematically reviews publications in topics of interest to orthodontics and craniofacial biology.

Please contact us to learn more about this program and its cost to your company.

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