Clinical Orthodontics Fellowship

The CTOR Clinical Fellowship is a full-time one year program that includes lectures, pre-clinical hands-on experience, observation of patient care/orthodontics procedures in the clinic for doctors that do not have a New Jersey dental license, and hands-on clinical experience for doctors that have a New Jersey dental license.

CTOR Fellowship in Translational Orthodontics Research

CTOR and Stevens Institute of Technology have joined forces to create the following programs:

- Fellowship/Master in Biomedical Engineering (1 year)
- Fellowship/PhD programs in Biomedical Engineering or Biomedical Sciences (3 years)


Our fellows include a group of clinicians/scientists from different countries and with a diverse background. After they complete the CTOR fellowship, some or our students follow further training in different specialties (orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics) or craniofacial research and enroll in PhD programs.

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To be a CTOR member and fellow was one of my dreams, since my friend told me that there is an excellent chance to do Orthodontic research at CTOR. I said “Wow! This is what I want!” Luckily, my dream came true. I could study here with my brilliant mentor-- Dr. Mani Alikhani, a lot of extraordinary scientists, and our intelligent fellows. We are a big family here. Although we come from different countries of the world, we help each other, learn from each other, like each other, and grow together.

Continuing Education

CTOR is committed to bringing to the Orthodontic community the latest advances in Orthodontics through a series of continuing education programs.

Dentists Summer Mini-Residency

CTOR tailored a program for US and International dental students and dentists who are interested inlearning the basics of Orthodontics in a US Orthodontics Program while enjoying the local New Jersey and New York City cultures.

CTOR Symposium

Symposium focused on Translational Orthodontic Research

Every 3 years CTOR organizes an international symposium in Translational Orthodontic Research. We are currently planning the third CTOR Symposium for the Fall of 2019.

Resident Day

Ideas Forum: The practice of the future

Inaugural Residents’ Day took place on October 24, 2015 or Day 2 of the 2015 CTOR Symposium. It gave dental students, orthodontic residents, and CTOR fellows the opportunity to discuss the previous day’s presentations from their perspective as future clinicians and researchers.