Research Projects

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CTOR is supporting and mobilizing research in nine key areas of orthodontics and bone biology research: Molecular orthodontics, Mechanotransduction, Accelerated Tooth Movement, Accelerated Orthopedics and Cortical Drifting, Craniofacial growth and development, Tissue engineering, Osteoporosis of the Jaws, Regulation of skeletogenesis, and Gene Therapy for correction of craniofacial syndromes and malformations.

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Please download CTOR publications below. If you have any question or suggestion about our projects feel free to contact us.

Different methods of accelerating tooth movement

Alansari S, Nervina JM, Alikhani M, Sangsuwon C, Teixeira CC.

Clinical Dentistry Review (2017) 1:10 DOI 10.1007/s41894-017-0010-4

Clinical Guide to Accelerated Orthodontics With a Focus on Micro-Osteoperforations

Mani Alikhani (Ed.)

Springer, 2017

High-Frequency Acceleration:Therapeutic Tool to Preserve Bone following Tooth Extractions

Alikhani M, Lopez JA, Alabdullah H, Vongthongleur T, Sangsuwon C, Alikhani M, Alansari S, Oliveira SM, Nervina JM, Teixeira CC.

Journal of Dental Research, December 2015, doi: 10.1177/0022034515621495


Mani Alikhani, DDS, MS, PhD (Guest Editor)

Seminars in Orthodontics, September 2015, Volume 21, Issue 3, Pages 149–150

Biological principles behind accelerated tooth movement

Sarah Alansari, Chinapa Sangsuwon, Thapanee Vongthongleur, Rachel Kwal, Miang chneh Teo, Yoo B. Lee, Jeanne Nervina, Cristina Teixeira, Mani Alikhani

Seminars in Orthodontics, September 2015, Volume 21, Issue 3, Pages 151–161

Micro-osteoperforations: Minimally invasive accelerated tooth movement

Mani Alikhani, Sarah Alansari, Chinapa Sangsuwon, Mona Alikhani, Michelle Yuching Chou, Bandar Alyami, Jeanne M. Nervina, Cristina C. Teixeira

Seminars in Orthodontics, September 2015, Volume 21, Issue 3, Pages 162–169

Accelerated tooth movement: Do we need a new systematic review?

Daniel Rozen, Edmund Khoo, Hend El Sayed, Richard Niederman, Richard McGowan, Mani Alikhani, Cristina C. Teixeira

Seminars in Orthodontics, September 2015, Volume 21, Issue 3, Pages 224–230

Accelerated Tooth Movement

Mani Alikhani, Daniel Rosen, Sarah Alansari, Chinapa Sangsuwon, Mona Alikhani and Cristina C. Teixeira

The Proceedings of the 41st Annual Moyers Symposium, page 87-104.

Saturation of the biological response to orthodontic forces and its effect on the rate of tooth movement.

Alikhani M1, Alyami B, Lee IS, Almoammar S, Vongthongleur T, Alikhani M, Alansari S, Sangsuwon C, Chou MY, Khoo E, Boskey A, Teixeira CC.
Orthod Craniofac Res. 2015 Apr;18 Suppl 1:8-17. doi: 10.1111/ocr.12090.

Spontaneous Chondrocyte Maturation on 3D-Chitosan Scaffolds.

S. M. Oliveira, G. Turn

CTOR Award in Translational Dental Research

The application of basic science findings to clinical practice has been the main engine of advances in Medicine. To promote the same effort in Dentistry, the Consortium for Translational Orthodontic Research is partnering with the AADR New York Section proposes a CTOR AWARD for the top 3 Dental students and 3 Post-Graduate students that attempt to advance patient care in Clinical Dentistry utilizing current scientific principles.

Inventions & Patents

In the truly translational spirit of our center, two of our patents were licensed by Propel Inc. and Alveologic Inc.

Global Collaborators

CTOR developed a large network of international academic collaborators conducting animal research and clinical trials in areas of interest for CTOR. These collaborations are helping orthodontists around the world change the way they practice our specialty.

Industrial R & D

CTOR works with innovative companies and organizations to conduct research projects, share the latest scientific developments and discoveries, and help them launch products in the commercial world. CTOR offers Corporate Memberships in the field of Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology to the interested companies and industries.