Fellows 2013 - 2014

"When I read about what CTOR has been doing for the advancement of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, I just wanted to become a Fellow to work in those research projects. CTOR Program has given me the opportunity to learn how to do basic science research and to grow professionally learning from different scientist at NYUCD. The program has also allowed me to meet other scientist at HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery) and Sloan Kettering Cancer center which have been very helpful teaching me different techniques. My first year at CTOR was very enriching which made me think seriously about continuing for one more year to complete the projects I was working on. The program has taught me critical thinking and how to offer better and safer treatments to patients. I am absolutely confident that being at CTOR will help me to become a better clinician. CTOR, an experience I will never regret."
- José Alejandro López Aguirre, '14

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