CTOR Director invited to serve on NIH Special Emphasis Panel

Dr. Mani Alikhani was invited to serve as a Core Member for the NIH Special Emphasis Panel on Musculoskeletal, Orthopedic, Oral, Rheumatology, Rehab, Skin.

Core Members serve for over 3 years reviewing grant applications that focus on orthopedics, bone and cartilage biology, skeletal muscle, skin and connective tissue, oral cavity and clinical dentistry, and rehabilitation strategies related to an impaired musculoskeletal system.

Dr. Alikhani's background and research expertise overlap many of these scientific and clinical areas. His selection to such a prominent position within the NIH is a testament to his commitment to innovations in Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology that form the foundation of CTOR. Equally important, Dr. Alikhani is receiving global recognition as an expert across multiple disciplines, which is critical as he promotes interdisciplinary approaches to the broad range of pathologies in the craniofacial complex.

Thank you, Dr. Alikhani for your dedication to scientific advancements!