NYUCD Research Day 2015

In April 2015, CTOR Fellows and students presented their research projects at New York University College of Dentistry Annual Research Day. Eight students received awards including the Dean’s Award for Oustanding Presentation, for the best overall work of this year event. To learn more about their projects and this event visit

NYUCD Research Day award 2015

Renee Kojanis, Dental, DDS - 2016, Dean's Award for Outstanding Presentation

Coupling Factors in Mid-Palatal Suture in Response to Transverse Forces

Luz Maria Barrera Alviar, Outstanding Presentation by an Orthodontics Resident

Orthopedic Effect of High Frequency Acceleration on the Mandibular Condyle

Ayat Alzaki, Honorable Mention, Resident in Orthodontics

Effect of Estrogen-deficiency on bone density of alveolar bone during orthodontic TM

Darren Huang, DDS – 2015, Violight Jonathan A. Ship Award for Translational Research

Gene Therapy for Sutural and Condylar Growth

Darren Huang, Dental, DDS – 2016, OKU-Dr. Michael C. Alfano Award for Excellence in Research

Gene Therapy for Sutural and Condylar Growth

Dayoon Lee, DDS – 2018, NYUCD Student Research Group Award

Effect of Foxo1 Deletion on Endochondral Bone Formation

Chaim Adler, Dental, DDS – 2016, Honorable Mention, DDS Student

Preservative Effects of High-Frequency Acceleration on Alveolar Bone after Extraction

Sean Seung Yoon, DDS – 2015, Honorable Mention, DDS Student

Biological saturation point during orthodontic tooth movement

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