CTOR Award in Translational Dental Research 2015

Translational research has been the main engine driving advances in Medicine. To promote the same effort in Dentistry, the Consortium for Translational Orthodontic Research (CTOR) in collaboration with the AADR New York Section proposes a CTOR AWARD for the top 3 Dental students and 3 Post-Graduate students that attempt to advance patient care in Clinical Dentistry utilizing current scientific principles.

The winner of this year are


Sarah Alansari

Molecular Events in the Mid-Palatal Suture in Response to Tensile Stresses


Chris Teo

Effect of Osteo-Microperforations in the Orthopedic Expansion of Maxilla


Dana Alyafi

Gene Therapy for Condylar Growth

Joo Young Nho

Therapeutic Effects Of High-Frequency Accelerations (HFA) On Alveolar Bone Density In Osteoporotic Rats

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