Past Events

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Summer 2017 Mini-Residency course Spallek, Gisela 737
Fall 2016 Mini-Residency course Sangsuwon, Chinapa 1141
Dr. Mani Alikhani’s commitment to NIH’s Translational Research Effort Sangsuwon, Chinapa 493
CTOR Awards at the Vancouver IADR meeting 2019 Sangsuwon, Chinapa 502
CTOR was at IADR London, 2018 Sangsuwon, Chinapa 157
CTOR Academy Grand Opening Sangsuwon, Chinapa 1210
Fall 2015 CE course Spallek, Gisela 1784
CTOR was at IADR London Spallek, Gisela 1111
2015 Resident Day Spallek, Gisela 1904
Second Symposium on Translational Orthodontic Research Spallek, Gisela 2764