CTOR was at IADR London, 2018

CTOR scientists presented their work as part of the Orthodontic Research Group (ORG) scientific sessions:

ORG organized a Symposium on Translation of biological findings for advancement of treatment.

-Dr. Mani Alikhani, CTOR Director, presented a talk on the “Effect of dynamic forces on alveolar bone under physiologic and pathologic conditions”

-As part of the same symposium Dr. Cristina Teixeira, CTOR Co-Founder andfaculty at NYU College of Dentistry, talked about “Sutural Response to Mechanical Stimulation”

Dr. Chinapa Sangsuwon presented CTOR’s innovative external plates in ” Uses of Bone Anchorage in Orthodontics”

Dr. Jeanne Nervina presented CTOR’s study of age-dependent differences in tooth movement in her oral presentation “Age-dependent biological response to orthodontic force”

Dr. Sarah Alansari hosted a Lunch and Learn session on “Clinical Application of Micro-Osteoperforations In Orthodontics”

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