AAO Annual Meeting 2011

CTOR was in Chicago in May 2011, where it held his first AAO approved workshop. Dr. Mani Alikhani introduced a new device shown to accelerate tooth movement as much as 50% in early-phase clinical studies, safely and effectively. This is the first CTOR invention developed by AlveoLogic Inc. The CTOR party was a successful event with members and friends celebrating accomplishments.

Other CTOR research projects were presented by different members:

CTOR Presentations

Markos Raptis
Accelerated Tooth Movement: From Rats to Humans

Stacy Wolf
NO/cGMP Pathway Regulates Endochondral Bone Formation

Pedro Carreiro
The Role of a Transient Cartilage Template in the New Bone characteristics

Wei-Hsi Hong
Expression of Inflammatory Markers in Response to Different Magnitude of Orthodontic Forces

Edmund Khoo
Expression of Osteogenic Markers in Response to High Frequency, Low Magnitude Forces on Alveolar Bone

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