IADR General Session 2013

CTOR was in Seattle, Washington, to attend the general session of the International Association for Dental Research. We had the chance to meet many new people at our CTOR booth, and hope you were able to see and hear a few of the presentations by our members.

CTOR Presentations

Asma Almaidhan
Neural crest-specific inactivation of Lbd1 causes cleft secondary palate

Salem Almoammar
Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment of Porcelain For Orthodontic Bracket Bonding

Bandar Alyami
Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement from Rat to Human

Ayat Alzaki
Factors affecting HA/TCP ratios in the preparation of BCP.

Rory Chong
Engineering Growing Bone

Aieman Jazaierly
In Vivo Gene Response in SBM Treated OVX Rat Bones

Yoo Bin Lee
Cytokine Expression in Response to Different Magnitudes of Orthodontic Forces

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