IADR General Session 2014

June 25-28, 2014 - CTOR was in Cape Town for the IADR General Session. CTOR members and fellows presented 8 different projects. Thank you for joining the member reception on Friday evening. We were happy to see you, to reconnect with colleagues and to welcome new members.

CTOR Presentations

Edmund Khoo
Cytokines as Markers of Optimal Orthodontic Forcess

Jose Lopez
Effect of High Frequency Acceleration on healing of Extraction Socketss

Bandar Alyami
Effect of High Frequency Acceleration on Orthodontic Tooth Movements

Chris Teo
Effect of Microperforations on Orthopedic Expansion of the Maxillas

Sarah Alansari
Molecular Events in the Mid-palatal Suture During Maxillary Expansions

Majeed Kaki
Response of Mid-Palatal Suture to Tensile and Compressive Stresess

Dana Alyafi
Gene Therapy for Condylar Growth

Luz M.Barrera

Orthopedic Effect of High Frequency Acceleration on the Mandibular Condyle

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