​91st EOS Congress 2015

June 13-18, 2015 - CTOR was in Venice, Italy for the EOS congress. CTOR members and fellows presented 11 different projects. Thank you for attending their presentations and for joining CTOR reception on Tuesday evening. We were happy to see you, to reconnect with colleagues and to welcome new members.

Oral Presentation

Therapeutic Effects of High-Frequency Accelerations On Alveolar Bone Density In Osteoporotic Rats

Joo Young Nho

Cytokines As Markers Of Optimal Orthodontic Forces

Mohammed Al Jearah

Poster Presentation

Response of mid-palatal suture to compressive stress

Jie Deng

Effect of Osteo-Microperforations in the Orthopedic Expansion of Maxilla

Chris Teo

Molecular Event in The Mid-Palatal Suture During Maxillary Expansion

Sarah Alansari

Gene Therapy for Condylar Growth

Dana Alyafi

Accelerating Tooth Movement with Micro-Osteoperforations: Clinical Trial Results and Clinical Applications

Chinapa Sangsuwon

Differential Expression of Cytokines in Teens and Adults in Response to Orthodontic Forces

Thapanee Vongthoungleur

Orthopedic Effect of High Frequency Acceleration on the Mandibular Condyle

Abdullah Almansour

Effect of Estrogen-deficiency on Bone Density of Alveolar Bone During Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Pornpan Hiranpradit

Effect of Vibration on Alveolar Bone Formation after Tooth Extraction

Dayoon Lee

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