AAO Annual Session 2015

May 15-19, 2015 - CTOR was in San Francisco, CA for the AAO annual meeting. CTOR members and fellows had 7 presentations on original research projects. Dr Alikhani, CTOR director lectured on a program featuring accelerated tooth movement techniques. He introduce for the first time our research work on cortical drift that is revolutionizing Orthodontic treatment of severe skeletal malformations.

Thank you for attending our presentations and for joining the CTOR concert-dinner event . CTOR rocks!

Oral Presentation

Micro-perforations: Indications and Application in Your Daily Orthodontic Practice

Mani Alikhani

Orthopedic Effect of High Frequency Acceleration on the Mandibular Condyle

Luz Maria Barrera Alviar

Saturation of the Biological Response to Orthodontic Forces and Its Effect on the Rate of Tooth Movement

Laura Edwards

Effect of Number of Micro-osteoperforations on Rate of Tooth Movement in Rats

Tali Elfersi


  • Effect of Estrogen-deficiency on bone density of alveolar bone during orthodontic tooth movement

Ayat Alzaki & Carly Gutstein

  • Pilot Study on the Effect of Age on Expression of Inflammatory Markers in Response to Orthodontic Forces

Rachel Kwal

  • Effect of Occlusal Interferences on Orthodontic External Root Resorption - Part II

Mohamed Karkuri

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