AAO Annual Meeting 2012

CTOR was in Hawaii in May of 2012, to attend the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists and share our research.

EOS Annual Meeting 2011

CTOR was in Istambul in June 2011, for the European Orthodontic Society meeting, to present its latest and exciting results. CTOR members, friends, and collaborators joined the CTOR reception at the Hotel TOMTOM Suites.

AAO Annual Meeting 2011

CTOR was in Chicago in May 2011, where it held his first AAO approved workshop. Dr. Mani Alikhani introduced a new device shown to accelerate tooth movement as much as 50% in early-phase clinical studies, safely and effectively.

IADR General Session 2010

CTOR was in Barcelona in July 2010 to present various research projects at the IADR meeting. We thank our members for their support and for visiting the CTOR booth in the exhibitor space.

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