CTOR Award in Translational Dental Research @GNYDM 2020

In 2020, CTOR partnered with the Greater New York Dental Meeting to present the CTOR Award in Translational Dental Research, which recognizes the top dental students for their outstanding research to advance clinical dentistry utilizing innovative scientific techniques and principles.

Dr. Mani Alikhani’s commitment to NIH’s Translational Research Effort

Dr. Alikhani’s dedication to translation of research findings into clinic applications brought him to NIH three times in 2019,

CTOR Awards at the Vancouver IADR meeting 2019

Dr. Mani Alikhani presided at the business meeting of the IADR Orthodontic Research Group (ORG), where he deliver awards to students and postdocs that distinguished themselves for excellence in research in orthodontics and translational research.

CTOR was at IADR London, 2018

CTOR scientists presented their work as part of the Orthodontic Research Group (ORG) scientific sessions:

CTOR Academy
CTOR Clinic
CTOR Press
Innovation CTOR Press