​CTOR Director was invited speaker in Colombia!

April 1, 2017 - Dr. Alikhani presented at the 2nd Congreso Internacional de Ortodoncia, Fundación Universitaria CIEO - UniCIEO, Bogotá, Colombia.

New IADR scientific group: Orthodontics Research Group

This is truly an historical moment in IADR’s history. After almost a century of existence IADR now includes an Orthodontic Research Group (ORG). Visit us at

2017 CTOR Fellowship is now open!

December 1, 2016– CTOR launch translational research fellowship in Orthodontics. The CTOR Fellowship gives students from various backgrounds a solid training in the career of their choice. Application deadline is March 31, 2017.

Visit Information on Fellowship & Application for more details.

CTOR Fellows were accepted into Post-Graduate Orthodontics Program of Their Choice

December 2016 – CONGRATULATIONS to 4CTOR Fellows from Class of 2016-2017 who were accepted into the competitive New York University College of Dentistry's Post-Graduate Orthodontics Program and DDS program at the University of Buffalo for the 2017 academic year. This is the 6th class in a row that Fellows have been offered seats for some of the most prestigious programs of their choice.

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