CTOR publication was featured in "Dentistry Today"

Our article “High-Frequency Acceleration: Therapeutic Tool to Preserve Bone Following Tooth Extractions" published in theJournal of Dental Research (JDR) was featured in "Dentistry Today" News.

Dr. Mani Alikhani was appointed as Research Scientist at Forsyth Institute

January 2016 – Dr. Mani Alikhani, CTOR Co-Founder and Director was appointed as Research Scientist at Forsyth Institute, one of the “world’s leading independent research organization dedicated to improving oral health and reducing interrelated systemic diseases and conditions

CTOR became an independent enterprise

December 2015 – CTOR became an independent enterprise after seven-year fruitful scientific research, producing 7 patents, and a successful Fellowship Program, educating more than 20 scientists and orthodontists during its affiliation with NYU College of Dentistry.

3 CTOR Fellows were accepted to Post-Graduate Orthodontics Program

December 2015 – 3 CTOR Fellows from Class of 2015-2016 were accepted to the selective NYU College of Dentistry’s Post-Graduate Orthodontics Program, starting July 2016. This is the 5th class in a row that Fellows have been offered seats for some of the most prestigious programs.

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